sickness of two kinds

Oh blog, I have not forgotten about you. In truth, I have been busy and stressed out, and sick and stressed out. In the past few days the biggest thing I managed to do was make delicious kale chips topped with a bit of ranch dip powder and … Well, maybe that’s it. No, no, today I did go to the Wisconsin Historical Society with a lovely friend to check out a disorganized collection for a class.

I also asked for my first assignment extension ever for aforementioned class. The professor was quite kind to grant it, though did urge me to complete it by the due date to keep me on track. And it’s true, this paper is making me dizzy, and for that reason, I need to stay on track.

Sometimes, when you’re tired and stressed, it is difficult to stay on track. Watching Star Trek with my boyfriend when I’ve never had any inclination towards watching Star Trek — ever — is easier. But what am I here for? I am here to become a Master of Library and Information Science, and if I do not become a Master (oftheuniverse), then I have done myself, my family, my boyfriend, and my boyfriend’s family a disservice.

So, I decided to uninstall the biggest time sucker of my life: not the Internet, but the Sims 3. It is a game that calls like a siren because it’s always something I found creative in its own way and I loved that it was a game of life, not the death and gore of Call of Duty-like games.  But is has no end point or save point or anything that says “Okay! You’re done now, please leave.”  It goes on and on and on. I’m sure it does something crazy to your brain too. Who knows? I just know that while it is definitely a wonderful tool for de-stressing, for giving in to something not taxing yet thankfully not Jersey Shore, in the end it probably just causes more eye strain and more stress by taking time away.

And time is a gift, one that I do not want to waste. I do not want to fill my days with things that do not truly matter to me. This is one of my biggest goals to myself this year: to be selective. To hone my craft(s).  To do good work. To be productive. To be happy and satisfied. To stay on track.

While being sick for five days now has given me a lot of sleep, it has not helped me get much more done. Everyone says to rest but in grad school, resting doesn’t always sound like the best option. I did rest a lot though, and perhaps at the expense of getting work done, but it’s definitely time to put away the tissue and NyQuil.


2 thoughts on “sickness of two kinds

  1. Aw, poor sickie. It’s so hard to rest when everything is piling up. Good for you for working to keep on track.
    Message me with your schedule when it gets a little less crazy and we can hopefully set up a phone date at some point (though March is going to be my Scary Time…).

  2. Hope you are feeling a bit better! I need to do the same thing but with the internet. It sucks me of my time. Good for you for giving yourself the gift of time!

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