Coming out from under.

Hello all! It’s 1:30am; why am I awake when I could be in bed with the third Hunger Games novel?

I don’t know. The light of a computer screen is addicting that way.

I finished the paper that I put the most into since my thesis in undergrad, so I feel done with school even though I’m not — two more presentations to go! Ah but presentations sound like a breath of absolutely fresh air (Literally. I didn’t go outside for two days when writing, and drank a lot of instant coffee).

I have some reflections about the semester and about Madison, as well as some goals and to-dos to write here so I will hold myself to them. But for now, I came here to write because I’ve read some interesting and inspiring posts that I wanted to share. So instead of writing more, I’ll let other people do it for me!

Library-related !

  • How to Spend Your Winter Vacation — This is to get everyone in the mood for winter vacation. I have big plans, and one of those plans is not burn out but also not to be a vegetable. Maybe that should be my new motto for life: don’t burn, don’t veg.
  • Cover Letters — The bane of your existence or a way to prove you can connect the dots in a meaningful way? This is an important blog post to note for anyone, not just those immediately in the job-hunting phase.
  • Twopointopians — My favorite bit from this is that being skeptical is what reasonably intelligent people do. I’m not a cyberprophet but I’m not a neo-Luddite and I like it here. I think it’s a mistake to say “it doesn’t work, stop trying, and I’ll be over here laughing at you” but I do think it’s time to realize that simply getting a Twitter and a Facebook page doesn’t assume rich community engagement.
  • Lifting the Research Veil — This latest paper made me want to organize my research process a lot more. I appreciated the insight into how she completes her research.

And because my life is not lived only in the library …

  • Radiolab 99% Invisible: I cannot wait to add this podcast to my list of them. I’m all caught up with This American Life, Radiolab, Planet Money, and Stuff You Missed in History Class. Waiting for the next episodes is worse than people obsessed with America’s Next Top Model. The 3 samples in the latest RL podcast were great and inspiring.
  • Coincidentally, two posts from two beautiful women about shaping the life they want with their partner. Both of these are also inspiring. I am really looking forward to the time I get to focus on Derek during winter break. We can’t spend Christmas together, but we DID get a tiny little tree this year that we will be decorating before he leaves for California!
  • Songs on repeat lately that I highly recommend:

Lastly, since one of my goals will be to read x number of books, what’s a book or two you recommend? Let me know in the comments!


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